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Madivala vegetable market

May 27, 2001

Madivala vegetable market (on Hosur Road) – is one of its kind – similar to the Okhla or Azadpur Mandi. The market opens at around 5:30 in the morning and for green leafy vegetables it’s best to go on Thursdays and Sundays.

The prices vary – as in 80% of the veggie sellers will charge more especially if you are not a native person – but you need to weed these out to get to the 20% who charge the regular rate. Price difference between Safal and Madivala can be around Rs. 2 to Rs. 6 (safal being a little more expensive). But unless one is buying in bulk there is not excess of saving. Since transportation cost is also existing. The market is stretched to upto half a km or more – and until I saw was open till 10 am.

There are flower sellers also near the market, Very few fruits sold there – just limited to mangoes = thats what we saw. As for variety – you may got some more variety of green leafy vegetables – but the 90% of the vegetables are the same that you can get in Safal Stores.

Fruits here are definitely very expensive. But I found one mall – Tata Star City mall that sells good spices (Ground spice, powdered) loose – not branded, but good quality and price – rest other malls are similar in the product ranges and prices.

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