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This moment

May 27, 2007

Green shelter of banana leaves,
Children laughing, in cornered park,
And in the tiny temple of my heart,
Completeness lives.

When death strikes suddenly,
We value life, a silent pain,
And we wonder, and wonder,
And all we come to know,
Is that we know not……

I asked myself what was my dream?
Read somewhere – One must dream big to “BE” big.
I dream of Knowing the Truth – and Being with the One.
To resolve it, would stand in way of my achieving the dream.
Such a contradiction!
Life is such.
Just free falling……

I have held on to many ideals,
Resolutions makes man lose the spontaneity
And one is lost alone with ideals.

Better to let go and live life as it comes,
And pray to Lord, to just to let you live the moment,
Without distrust in the purpose of life and intent of creation.

Not all are luxurious to experience love, and security
To love life.

My dreams vanish and I am left, alone with my being.
Is the Night……………..

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