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June 13, 2007

Creating a sessionPool from SessionPoolManager.
Closing (Commit/Abort) transaction gives the connection back to the pool.

import bea.jolt.pool.SessionPoolManager;
import bea.jolt.pool.Transaction;
import bea.jolt.pool.UserInfo;
import bea.jolt.pool.SessionPool;

UserInfo userInfo = new UserInfo();
userInfo.setAppPassword( msProperties.getProperty(“appPassword”) );
userInfo.setUserName( msProperties.getProperty(“user”) );
userInfo.setUserPassword( msProperties.getProperty(“password”) );
userInfo.setUserRole( msProperties.getProperty(“userrole”) );

sessionPoolManager = new SessionPoolManager();

sessionPoolManager.createSessionPool( new String[] { machineAdd },
new String[] { machineAdd },1, 60, userInfo, POOL_MS );

sessionPool = (SessionPool) sessionPoolManager.getSessionPool(POOL_MS) ;//POOL_MS is just another name
if (sessionPool == null)
logger.log(Level.DEBUG, “Couldn’t create SessionPool.”) ;
transaction = sessionPool.startTransaction(TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT) ; // We set this to 120 seconds
Result result =, inputDataSet, null) ;
transaction.commit() ;
////code ….

Updated UBBConfig with MaxAccessers and MaxWSClients count and SanityScan Frequency.
Need to understand the simple operating system concepts to go ahead…

URL’s to Refer to :
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Installing Tuxedo
Using BEA Jolt

Troubleshooting Tuxedo
Tuxedo Forum on Dev2Dev
Tuxedo Support Patterns
Tuning a Tuxedo Application

BEA Tuxedo 9.1 Doc

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