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Two Steps

June 22, 2007

1. Put attention in ground. Is Mooladhara light and soft? . First clear that. Then think of Sahasrara and others. Clear right…go down turn and come up to left – See the left heart – see past desire – clear that then again attain on Earth. Basic stuff comes first. Along with that – JDamba’s name for heart.

2. Going for collectivity? – clean with foot soak before leaving. Clean base before leaving. Cannot rise without base cleansed.

Left heart – remove past, then center heart – fear.

** It is beyond emotions, thoughts and intellect.

Hanu, LG, Sun clear back agyaa first…Then flowers to Gdss.
Check forcing in heart – accept and open that in front and feel better…. 🙂

27th June:
Right knee – reflects the Nabhi – Attention on that clears the left Nabhi as well.
Very good reflector. Clear that – feel the system balance.

Second if, all closed – see if any other action you are wishing to do (finish a task/Homework ? )
Or it could be start from basics again – hand on lower base for pure desire awakening.
Keep it simple when things go blank. Try going for actions and then re-sitting.

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