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June 25, 2007

JSR (stands for Java Specification Request) 286 is a proposed specification for version 2.0 of portlets. Existing version is JSR 168.

Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) lets you decouple your portlet applications from portals. This decoupling can offer significant benefits for managing large portal deployments. Instead of bundling all your portlets with the portal in a single application, you can choose to deploy your portlets in individual portlet applications, and let the portal consume those portlets using WSRP

On IT Management
As the project scale increases the management activities increase – like co-ordination,vendor management, negotiation. At lower levels, it is hard to know their importance.

IT Division
Should be serviced as a profit center. Not as cost center. So that each project/activity can be accounted for. And no action is taken with judging the business value of the project. So, portfolio management would mean that – judge the risk and benefit and then go for the project with highest benefit.

Oh yes and one more thing one needs to do is : followup – tons and tons of followups šŸ˜€

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