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Prayer points

July 7, 2007

Please remove my aham. Give bandhan to the violence felt in the feet.
After confirmation of that come to attention – Please give only one pure attention.
Swap both confirmations and feel the burden getting removed from heart and body.
Mother your bhakti’s refuge is like a shelter on the rainy day.
Your protection gives warmth like clothes on a cold day…

Please Mother Just Be with us. And that is all that we ask.
Mother please remove my desires of past and yesterday and help me to do all things with complete sincerity,

The left heart – which is the center of the spirit gets caught with the desires of the past. And so is catching,Once it catches then the dreams start to come in the sleep. Clear the desires before going to sleep.
Also when clearing the left side, clear the desires stuck in the left heart. Ensure action is done for desires that exist.

1. May Mother grant me strength of heart and peace
2. God wishes to hear the prayers – in the same sweet way as we sing lullaby to a child for going to sleep…
3. Mother You are- You are
4. Mother please give me pure attention and desire – please……
5. Mother please make me SthithPragya. please take my attention away from all ppl/things outside/…please purity my attention.

90% of time in meditation = experience chakras caught and not feeling lighter inside.
Only if you feel happy with the world and inside does the meditation start to take place.
Otherwise escapism from outside to darkness inside – circular running. without stillnes…

angina = left vishuddhi – excess mantras?
Clear by saying – SMJ you are my beej mantra – you are my mantrika
SMJ i am NOT guilty of anything. Please SMJ put your attention on me. Then use light

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