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Jar file issue in Liferay 4.3

July 16, 2007

Stuck badly in the liferay 4.3 installation : Getting a classNotFoundException for BasicAutoLogin
Very very strange indeed.

To grep for a class file in a dir having jars.

for i in `ls *.jar`; do (jar tf $i | grep -q ) && echo $i;done

July 17th – Finally I posted in the forum for this.

Correct your spelling and grammar now !!
Grammar and Not Grammer 😀

July 19th Update: Closed point
Got the solution. Wrong documentation of course…………
The documentation on the site
is not updated : So do not use it for Liferay 4.3-CAS except for SSL Generation part:

The updated documentation for CAS Liferay integration is at :
And the missing BasicAutoLogin class – well they have changed the class name to RememberMeAutoLogin.

I found this from the Release Notes:

For resizing the image use:
~~ That reminds me – need to learn scripting.

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