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Spelling Corrections

August 8, 2007

Wrong Right
benifit benefit
mantainence maintenance
recieve receive
cruality cruelty
bartendar bartender
postphone postpone
surprized surprised
dieties deities
dilibrate deliberate
Proffesor Professor
certainely certainly

Yes, I agree that – my spellings are arghhs , but today one of my colleagues spelled this wrong:concedrtaion aka consideration.
Lol. Okay here is my list . . . Yeah back to class 4. 😀 Would keep updating this as and when I spot my mistakes.

Also about things I forget : Amazing list.

1. put port number while accessing application.
2. ip address of m/c by the time I reach the client’s place
3. KR Narayanan and not Narayan our president before Kalam
4. Mixed up between server.xml for tomcat and web.xml for application. Mixed server name and instances running

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