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September 2, 2007

This was mid august…

So okay I am reading the book by Linu Tarivolds today and one thing that I liked which he had written was “Just for Fun”.

Meanwhile I came to know that her friend B had come to know everything through vibrations.
Felt quite disgusted with progress in SY. Felt ashamed with my growth in SY – its not equal to how long you meditate or bhajans , nor is it related to the number of people you give realization to.

Growth in SY is purely “blessing” of SMJ/Lord Ganesha along. i.e Keeping the Divine/Goddess happy. “devi prasanno bhava”

Looked at the sky for a long long time which going and coming back from office today and I was wondering why I dont look at it more often. Felt completely attracted to it. Could not take my eyes off – Especially a lot of myanas bird sitting in the row – all chirping loudly – they are very community oriented birds and were actively expressing concern over something – memorable scene.

Some days I dont enjoy cooking in the morning. So coming back to growth in SY. Keeping deities including Lord Ganesha happy. Need not meditate for more than 15 – 20 mins. No point fooling oneself on the face. Best to face things as they are..

I really liked the line by Budhhaa that stated that Mind which gives illusions knows how to give Enlightenment as well. With the awakening of spirit everything comes in control automatically.

I asked from Lord Shiva two things – good sleep and no dreams.

This was end August

I have been in the company or Rs.for sometime now so would share what i learnt from her.
One that no one is great SYogi – SMji is alone one and by her Blessings things work.
So if you see perfection anywhere – or any one better than you – one must speak – Wah – what blessings of your are over here.
This way one can enjoy other’s depth and not feel inferior.

Depth is to give everything to SMji. Everything. – All tasks all desires etc.

To get out of feeling low abt physique say that I am atma. This is how the Divine has created me . So I am happy with what Divine does. 🙂

To be detached – Assume all the forms of attachment to be of Her/His personification and Love the Source More this way.
This way one gets detached.

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