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CSS Tutorial

December 2, 2007
  1. Browser default
  2. External style sheet
  3. Internal style sheet (inside the tag)
  4. Inline style (inside an HTML element)

An inline style (inside an HTML element) has the highest priority

selector {property: value}
for element p, Class is right => p.right {text-align: right}
<p class=”right”>
This paragraph will be right-aligned.

This is for all elements => .center {text-align: center}
Apply to elements with given id –>
#myelementID {color: green}

Apply to elements with given attribute filter (those inputs whose type is text)
input[type=”text”] {background-color: blue}

It is possible to prevent an old browser from displaying the content by hiding it in the HTML comment element:

<style type=”text/css”>
<!–hr {color: sienna} p {margin-left: 20px}body {background-image: url(“images/back40.gif”)}–></style></head>

<head><link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”href=”mystyle.css” /></head>

h1 {letter-spacing: -3px}
p.small {line-height: 90%}
h1 {text-align: center}
h2 {text-decoration: line-through/underline/overline/none}
p {text-indent: 1cm}
p.capitalize {text-transform: capitalize/lowercase/uppercase}
h2 {color: #dda0dd}
p{ word-spacing: 30px } {direction: rtl}
p{white-space: nowrap}

Difference between div and span tag
It acts as a paragraph end/beginning, and while you can have paragraphs within a

you can’t have a

inside a paragraph.
The primary attributes of the

and span tag are:
* style
* class
* id
<span> doesn’t do any formatting of it’s own. The <div> tag acts includes a paragraph break, because it is defining a logical division in the document. The <span> tag simply tells the browser to apply the style rules to whatever is within the <span>.


p{white-space: nowrap}
table.two {table-layout: fixed/automatic}
table.coll {border-collapse: collapse/separate}
table.two{border-spacing: 10px 50px}

img.normal {height: auto}
p {display: inline}
div {display: none}
img {float:right}

CAS Problem of Ticket:

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