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December 12, 2007

1. Layout (myLayout.jsp)
html + td/tr+ tiles:insert attribute=”header” /footer/menu

2. Definition – to be used across all the files. (tiles.xml)

<tiles:definition id="storefront.default" page="/layouts/storefrontDefaultLayout.jsp" scope="request"> <tiles:put name="header" value="/common/header.jsp" /> <tiles:put name="menubar" value="/common/menubar.jsp" /> <tiles:put name="copyright" value="/common/copyright.jsp" /> </tiles:definition>

3. Insertion in the relevant jsp file.
tiles:insert beanName=”layout” beanScope=”request”
tiles:put name=”body-content” value=”../security/signin-body.jsp”

When using Java and Stored Procedures/Functions remember to close everything, that means Connection, ResultSet, and CallableStatement. Cursors don’t close themselves implicitly, unless the INIT.ora variable CLOSE_CACHED_OPEN_CURSORS is set to TRUE.

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