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January 9, 2008

Three steps to growth:

1. Technically should be able to check other people’s vibrations. First step.

2. Ask One to come in Heart.

3. Convert work to non work.

Rest all nonsensical words. No point being a sy person otherwise.
I question:
a. do I have the capability for getting to the first level ?
b. if not then why asked to called for sy? why incapable ppl are drawn towards it? why not give to only the cream class those- that are guided by LG himself. why have the junkyard around?

It is hard to keep a straight face when things are not going right. Especially when one has no clue about why they are not?

Currently state is one who belongs to the Netherworlds – a place where no man exists.
Primarily because – its neither materialistic and not spiritual either.

Turns out there is competition everywhere. Yes, even in Lord’s Kingdom.
Some are really good children and some are not so good – the one who make mistakes.

So what are the alternatives to life? Death?

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