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On flex and liferay

March 5, 2008

It turns out that we need to know that mxml is needed to display the page contents. so i take a simple example and try to run it – just a plain mxml file and that is it.. ok?

It doesnt run of course,
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

*.mxml files need a servlet a the back and the classes are all in the flex jars…so I add the flex jars and the necessary web.xml in the file. Now it should run?

Nopes – it needs many of the jar files – and took all from common lib. also needs Flex folder at the level of web-inf for configurations…. NO it is stored inside WEb-INF.

Problem of accessing jms – removing the refc from service-config file.
sleepy sleepy 🙂

modified the jsp portlet and updated for flex jars access. now lets see if it works….
Nopes it cannot find the mxml file.

So – try direct access – yes direct access to flex/sample.mxml works.
So – portal is not able to find the file. So what to do?,….

read this on some blog:

defining the architecture using the terms layers and tiers.

Here’s how he defined it:
– layers are a logical separation of code. For example the MVC pattern for presentation: you separate model, view and controller programmatically, but they all exist within the same (presentation) tier.
– tiers are a physical separation of application functionality. Most common tiers (from front-to-back) are: Client tier, Presentation/Web tier, Business tier, Integration tier and Resource tier.

For the presentation layer (Flex application), we use the MVCs pattern. There are two good guides from Adobe about implementing MVC in Flex: An Architectural Blueprint for Flex Applications and Architecting Flex Applications. And there’s also the source code that can be downloaded: Phone Sample

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  1. Danish permalink
    July 19, 2012 5:56 pm

    Hey ,
    Thanx for a nice post.
    you didn’t provide the download link.

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