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On darkness inside and movements

March 9, 2008

So when you sit to meditate – do you feel a force pulling you inside? Thats how it feels to me.
I introspect and here is what I find:

Now – see Hiding of chitta is taking place.
So start with shuddha chitta mantra, then shudhaa ichaa, then shudh vidya,
then comes the icing –
1. prem – dharma – nirmala
2. prem – dharma – sampurana 🙂 yes this clears the left blockages as well.

Important to purify chitta before taking the sampurna mantra.
Then balance for outside and members around to be requested – yes that takes a lot of burden off the shoulders. So the last mantra brings oneself back to reality – no more hiding needed.

Great to know how the illusions become operational only when the attention diverts away from the shudhaa principle and from the sampurnam eventually and then easily pushes back inside deeper and deeper where illusions can build their own castles.

Morning times are great times for mool. Good luck !! 🙂

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