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Structure – Liferay

March 17, 2008

All of the finder methods have the interface defined


Util_o1 –> This has refc to Intf_01 which is plugged in by Spring

Impl_01 -> this implements Intf_01

Classes call Util static which calls one instance of Impl to return data.

All Util’s and Intefcs are in portlet-service package
All Impl’s are in portal-impl package.

Then what about portlet-kernel?.
This keeps interfaces for ?— being accessed by external deployments in the container

In portal-impl you have custom-sql ->Default.xml that keeps reference to all the xml files having custom sql’s.

Reason is that not all classes are allowed to open Hibernate session – you need to check the Hibernate settings for the given classes in the file portal-spring.xml

And then enable PermissionCheckerImpl to access the hibernate sessions.
For now – trying with JournalArticleFinderUtil and its Impl.

Nopes, the thread itself does not have access!! Amazing – now what to do??
I think now I would need to go and check the settings of the class wrt hibernate..

There is some issue of accessing the hibernate apis from the Business layer and not the Action layer

The action layer is with all the Util’s class and intfc
And Business Layer is with Local,Remote etc interfaces and implementations.

So now I am trying to access the api using JournalArticleLocalService.getfinder().myMethod();

Nopes Hibernate did notwork for me – I need to understand the Service Builder method in Liferay
Used JNDI instead.

Critical JIKES compiler can sometimes be unforgiving about exceptions in throws clause and does not compile correctly. For this used modern compiler instead – this took around 3 hrs to know. Tough one.
##Set the following to true to track user clicks in memory for the
#duration # of a user’s session. Setting this to true allows you to view all
#live # sessions in the Admin portlet.

to clear wrong preferences:
SELECT * FROM portletpreferences where preferences like ‘%LDAP%’;

delete from portletpreferences where preferences like ‘%LDAP%’;

delete from portletpreferences where preferences like ‘%CAS%’; should be enabled by default to allow for more graceful handling of exceptions that are thrown in ServicePreAction

Using Trove unix fast for – performance – collections

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