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spring web flow

April 8, 2008

execution core
execution engine – integrates the core with the configuration
executor – the external environment – mvc or portal environment.

fex =4 , created,active,paused and ended.
scopes = 4, request,flash,flow,conversation.
States = 5 : view,action,decision,subflow and endstate.

Concept of flow repositiory where the states are stored at server end.
view state – paused and on user signal is resumed.

2 part key: conversation identifier, continuation identifier
continue id =index into the state of the flow execution(conversation).

state ; event trigger = transition .
web.xml: context param: contextConfigLocation – spring mvc config file
servlet – init-param: contextConfigLocation – 2 files, 1 view resolver spring mvc to map id to jsp files location another for swf impl.

uses ognl –
came to know of dependency management tool. – ivy and maven (pom) but both work on libraries/jar management.
spring was using ivy for lib.
resolved issue of setting spring configuration files through the properties tab.

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