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IT Failure

June 21, 2008

I can be in a great mood and have a team of very sincere and committed people, but if we try to build a commercial airliner without the proper expertise, requirements, engineering, materials, and testing, the plane will crash and people will die, assuming it ever gets built and off the ground (which is extremely unlikely)

When it comes to engineering, sincerity and commitment, while important, can never substitute for expertise and quality of work.

The lack of intellectual honesty in project management is a form of codependency and enabling that is all too easy to fall into. Unfortunately, reality eventually intrudes, and when it does, you run the very real risk of looking dishonest or incompetent.


Why I could not find the jolt bug?

The problem with finding the bug was that you had a fixed mindset for that given technology.

Often it is this mindset or perception – narrow minded –   fixed that stops us in innovating and discovering ways to do things or resolve the issues in hand.

Wearing different hats eh? (edward de bono’s concept in practice for debugging). and tons of persistence required.


The problem is that the business does not trust IT. CA has been burned time and time again by systems that fail to meet basic expectation.  Is it that IT is incapable of meeting their needs?  Not at all, but there is a very strong tendency to re-define any business process in terms of the available technology.
This becomes a standard practice and it is very hard to shake the business analysts out of this thinking. Until then, of course the business will consider extant systems as its terms of reference.

If and only if the business model can be separated from the technology infrastructure, will the mismatch be broken. To do that you need to insist that the analysts are qualified technologists, not a failed business person, squatting in IT before a suitable HR role opens up.

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