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July 17, 2008

Got this list from the site while looking for information related to Jaxter.

And stumbling upong the Capgemini technology site. Good list –  : -)

CIO and IT director blog
Confused of Calcutta by J P Rangaswami”>Confused of Calcutta by J P Rangaswami
CIO Blog on ComputerWorldUK by Richard Steel”>CIO blog on ComputerWorldUK and Socitm by Richard Steel
The Hot Aisle by Steve O’Donnell”>The Hot Aisle by Steve O’Donnell
Fighting The Trillion Dollar Bonfire by Colin Beveridge”>Fighting The Trillion Dollar Bonfire by Colin Beveridge
Keystones And Rivets by Paul Wallis”>Keystones And Rivets by Paul Wallis
Verbatim by The Corporate IT Forum”>Verbatim by The Corporate IT Forum

Company blogs
CIO Blog by Peter Birley”>CIO Blog by Peter Birley
CTO Blog from Capgemini”>CTO Blog from Capgemini
Uncommon Sense on Silicon by Peter Cochrane”>Uncommon Sense on Silicon by Peter Cochrane
The IT Value Stack by Ade McCormack”>The IT Value Stack by Ade McCormack
Capping IT Off from Capgemini”>Capping IT Off from Capgemini
Steve Clayton Geek in Disguise”>Steve Clayton: Geek in Disguise
Wadds Tech PR Blog from Rainier PR”>Wadds Tech PR Blog from Rainier PR
David Overton the UKSBSGUY”>David Overton – the UKSBSGUY
Eileen Brown from Microsofts UK Technical Evangelism team”>Eileen Brown from Microsoft’s UK Technical Evangelism team
MSMQ from the plumbers mate by John Breakwell on MSDN”>MSMQ from the plumber’s mate by John Breakwell on MSDN
LG Blog”>LG Blog
PlusNet Blog”>PlusNet Blog
LogBlog from LogLogic”>LogBlog from LogLogic
Microsoft on ISVs”>Microsoft on ISVs

IT law and governance blogs
Binary Law Legal Information in the Digital Age”>Binary Law: Legal Information in the Digital Age
NTOUK by Jerry Fishenden”>NTOUK by Jerry Fishenden
Racing Snake Esoterica by Robin Wilton”>Racing Snake: Esoterica by Robin Wilton
The Orange Rag Legal Technology Insider”>The Orange Rag: Legal Technology Insider
IMPACT from Freeth Cartwright LLP”>IMPACT from Freeth Cartwright LLP
Naked Law”>Naked Law
RFID Law Blog”>RFID Law Blog

IT lifestyle blogs
OddIT from BCS”>OddIT from BCS
Fired Up by Firebox”>Fired Up by
Mr Bojangles by Tom Ilube”>Mr Bojangles by Tom Ilube
Gizmodo UK”>Gizmodo UK
Count Pixels Games Blog from BCS”>Count Pixel’s Games Blog from BCS
Oak Grove by Graham Chastney “>Oak Grove by Graham Chastney
Alt Text by Lore Sjoberg on Wired”>Alt Text by Lore Sjoberg on Wired
The Guardians digital content blog – pda”>The Guardian’s digital content blog: pda

IT project management blogs
The Tao of Project Management”>The Tao of Project Management
A Girls Guide to Managing Products”>A Girl’s Guide to Managing Products
The Cranky Product Manager”>The Cranky Product Manager
On Product Management”>On Product Management
All about agile “>All about agile
All about product management”>All about product management
Johnys Data Migration Blog from BCS”>Johny’s Data Migration Blog from BCS

IT security blogs
View from the Bunker by Guy Bunker of Symantec “>View from the Bunker by Guy Bunker of Symantec
STAT Blog from Scansafe”>STAT Blog from Scansafe
Anton Chuvakin – Security Warrior”>Anton Chuvakin: Security Warrior
Security Matters by Steve Lamb”>Security Matters by Steve Lamb
Ivan Ristic – Discussing security and open source”>Ivan Ristic: Discussing security and open source
IT Security – The view from here by Rob Newby”>IT Security: The view from here by Rob Newby
Schneier on Security”>Schneier on Security
Government Securityorg – Network Security Resources”>Government Network Security Resources
The Unofficial Cisco MARS Blog”>The Unofficial Cisco MARS Blog
The Digital Identity Forum Blog”>The Digital Identity Forum Blog

Programming and technical blogs
Adrian Bridgwater – Software application development”>Adrian Bridgwater: Software application development
Daniels Blog by Daniel Lewis”>Daniel’s Blog by Daniel Lewis
Giorgio Sardos Blog on MSDN”>Giorgio Sardo’s Blog on MSDN
Bits and Bytes by Mike Taulty “>Bits and Bytes by Mike Taulty
Project Entropy by Daryn Holmes”>Project Entropy by Daryn Holmes
Andrew Fryers SQL Blog on TechNet”>Andrew Fryer’s SQL Blog on TechNet
Open Objects by Mia Ridge”>Open Objects by Mia Ridge
Tim Andersons ITWriting”>Tim Anderson’s ITWriting
The long way round at clevegibbon”>The long way round at
UNIX Administratosphere”>UNIX Administratosphere

Public sector IT blogs
The Great E-mancipator”>The Great E-mancipator
Informaticopia by Rod Ward and co”>Informaticopia by Rod Ward and co
Unqualified Remarks from BCS”>Unqualified Remarks from BCS
Microsoft UK Schools News Blog”>Microsoft UK Schools News Blog
Changing the game – Moodle at an LEA”>Changing the game? Moodle at an LEA
Hodges Model – Welcome to the QUAD”>Hodges’ Model: Welcome to the QUAD
Ewan McIntoshs edublogs”>Ewan McIntosh’s
WatfordGaps Travels”>WatfordGap’s Travels

Web 2.0 and business blogs
Eightbar from Hursley Park”>Eightbar from Hursley Park
UK Web Focus by Brian Kelly”>UK Web Focus by Brian Kelly
Roo Reynolds – Whats Next”>Roo Reynolds – What’s Next?
Middledigit – by Jonathan Hopkins”>, by Jonathan Hopkins
Broadstuff from Broadsight”>Broadstuff from Broadsight
Whatfettle marras – by Paul Downey”>Whatfettle, marras? by Paul Downey
User Pathways by James Kelway”>User Pathways by James Kelway
DRM blog by Jude Umeh from BCS”>DRM blog by Jude Umeh from BCS
TechCrunch UK”>TechCrunch UK
Blending the Mix”>Blending the Mix

Wireless and mobile blogs
Mobile LOB Blog – by Richard Jones”>Mobile LOB Blog (Binary Refinery) by Richard Jones
Mr Mobile by Jason Langridge on MSDN”>Mr Mobile by Jason Langridge on MSDN
Disruptive Wireless by Dean Bubley”>Disruptive Wireless by Dean Bubley
SMStextNews – Tracking stuff in mobile”>SMStextNews: Tracking stuff in mobile
Cat Calling by Catherine Keynes”>Cat Calling by Catherine Keynes
Euro Tech News by Steve Kennedy”>Euro Tech News by Steve Kennedy
More Blah – WirelessWanders by Paul Golding”>More Blah 2.0: WirelessWanders by Paul Golding
Tracy and Matts blog”>Tracy and Matt’s blog
The UK Mobile Report”>The UK Mobile Report

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  1. Susan Dee permalink
    July 17, 2008 7:07 pm

    It’s a really good list. I’m always checking out Gizmundo but the blog is really good fun too, full of videos and things to look at from work on a friday.

    I hope they both do well.

  2. July 19, 2008 9:44 pm


    There are some great blogs on this list – I’m up against some serious competition! My blog is actually called A Girl’s Guide to Managing Projects (not Products).

    Best regards


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