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Questioning faith?

July 25, 2008

From the article : Medical Stories – the night I lost my faith.

But a world without God isn’t necessarily a world without hope. When Jill nestled that lifeless baby in her arms, steadfastly refusing to allow any of us to dehumanize the child, I saw real kindness in her tears. When the attending pediatric specialist called me two weeks later with the autopsy results (disseminated herpes simplex), she displayed an enviable human and professional decency. And when Jill and I returned at 5:00 that morning to the hugs and well wishes of staff, I felt surrounded by people of goodwill. And I got a message to call Rick, the charge nurse, at home. He was still awake, waiting for my call. There was no mistaking the love in his voice as we spoke.

There is kindness in this world. There is compassion and decency. In a universe of death and suffering, there are things that make existence worth our while. In the heart of each person there is a penchant to make one’s environment a better place. There does not need to be a God if we choose to exercise our proclivity for decency.

If God is nothing more than an intangible concept that motivates our hearts—a synonym for “love” and “kindness”—He is more powerful than I ever imagined as a believer.


There is God, The Zone is Different, the Connectivity through Spirit needs to be established, Until then the darkness will reign in our heads.
The Spirit needs to be awakened. The light of the Spirit will travel to the brain and fill us with the knowledge of life.

Someone has achieved this – it needs discipline, it needs detachment, it needs practice. Not to be someone else, but to discover who we naturally are,devoid of the darkness inside.

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