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Requirements? :)

August 13, 2008

Stevey Yegge on Gathering Requirements…

“Buffett’s and Lynch’s advice becomes: only build what you know. The longer, more accurate of the version of the investing rule — only invest in what you know and are excited about using yourself right now — has a simpler formulation for products and businesses. That formulation goes like this: ONLY BUILD STUFF FOR YOURSELF

When you’re trimming the business requirements, then you’re exhibiting healthy project behavior. This contrasts directly with gathering requirements, which has both the connotation that you’re clueless about the product and the connotation that you’re inflating the requirements list in direct conflict with schedule, usability and fashion. Trimming: good. Gathering: bad.

Fashion is generally hard to predict, but it usually means “sacrificing comfort or convenience for the sake of style”. Take another look at the iPod: it has almost no features. It doesn’t have an “off” button. Heck, you can’t even change the battery. Not exactly convenient in many ways. But it sure has style!”

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