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Saved by memoirs

August 19, 2008

Author of many novels: Augusten Burroughs –

With no love from either my father or mother, I depended on a guinea pig named Ernie for a relationship. Then one day I came back home and my father had done something horrible to it. I can’t mention what. Even today at the age of 43, I wake up in a sweat when I think about it

I survived because resilience is a human quality. Children especially are resilient. You can beat them and they will keep coming back for more. I was like that. Writing about the experiences helped too,” he says. “So did alcohol. When I became an alcoholic myself (he wrote about it in Dry), had a heart problem and thought I was going to die, I thought that was fine. Regardless of what people say, alcohol is a great help. You don’t worry. My only concern was that I would die without recording all this.”

“Having good parents is like having a hammock under the heart,” he says, “You know that you can ‘go home for the weekend’, both literally and metaphorically. There is a confidence.”

From the link on hindu magazine.

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