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September 12, 2008

1. redirect with service url cas server call through filter.

2. receives back a ticket (Random number generated)

CAS Server: GenerateServiceTicketAction : service ticket— –> Request scope  —-> send to –> CAS client filter

Redirect back:

3. Parses this ticket (WHAT DO U MEAN BY THAT?)   + Starts second connection for HTTPS request – formed programmatically  called the “service validation” step. :  ServiceTicketValidator. The validate() method has    SecureURL.retrieve(url) method that returns an XML response from the CAS server securely using HTTPS.

4. Receives an SSL certificate – compares it using JSSE with – collection of trusted certificates. If OK then resume communication.


For testing:

~ Some of the test cases are failing in 3.3 because they cannot find the resource [/WEB-INF/-servlet.xml]

~ In others it is stated in the forum that proxy conn to internet could be issue? Need to check that – maven settings are all okay…

~ For Spring the web modules extend AbstractDependencyInjectionSpringContextTests.

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