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Why is G laughing?

November 16, 2008

Book by D.Chopra

Few lines I liked from it…

Role playing that is being done by each of us. Real me is not performing but is watching – a bit involved but essentially keeping it to himself . Playing a part is safe when one does not identify with it. soul and ego and flowed inside. you are in the illusion that u r a person searching for a soul
reality is that u r a soul playing the role of a person

nothing to fear, nothing to lose,  not helpless enough?
you still think u r in control – the ego never gives up trying to keep in control – so it gives more and more to keep things in place. Ego will only give up – when u feel totally helpless – its scary and dark and thats when the game begins. Ego – is like feeling good and bad – u r like a rat in a lab experiment.

Although all of above is theorectically all correct – but I am weary of theory and concept implementation is altogether a different game and is initiated and played not in the same way as understanding theory. Yet with theory it helps to remind oneself of the goal.

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