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November 18, 2008


ROA = Resource oriented architecture

1. Resource
2. URI :Address to a resource
3. Statelessness: Each request disconnected from others.happens in isolation (Critical !! )
4. Representation:  XML.Json , etc – One resource can have different representation
5. Custom? URI

Restlet framework:
1. Resource,
2. URI : From design point – Use only NOUNS,
3. Representation (XML)

Application -> Extend this to create mapping between URI and Resource CLASS.
Representation -> BaseRepresentation -> To return the data – use the subclass of this.
MediaType -> Set this by using Variant Class
Resource -> Subclass of this overrides the get put, post methods
Web.xml – Modify for – restlet servlet and adding context param of application class, (whose method createRoot is called)
Exception handling to be done by standard http error codes

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