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Component object

January 13, 2009

A component is : Unit of independent deployment.third-party composition.Has no persistent state.the static database server program is and it supports a single instance: the database ‘object.’

The differentiation of components and objects is thus fundamentally about differentiating between static properties that hold for a particular configuration and dynamic properties of any particular computational scenario. Drawing this line carefully is essential to curb the problems of manageability, configurability, and version control.

An object is a unit of instantiation; it has a unique identity.has state; 
-This state can be persistent state.
-Encapsulates its state and behavior.

A component may contain multiple classes, but a class is necessarily confined to be part of a single
component….components are rather close to modules .Adopting component technology requires
adoption of principles of independence and controlled explicit dependencies.
technology unavoidably leads to modular solutions. a module may statically require the presence of other modules . The dependency graph must be acyclic or else a group of modules in a cyclic dependency relation would always require  simultaneous deployment, violating the defining property of modules.

Components: Maximizing reuse minimizes use – as increased dependenciesIt is always advisable to initially capture as many static properties of an architecture or a design explicitly.Capturing the dynamic nature of the arising systems built out of components is that of objects.

Component: OMG’s CORBA, Sun’s Java, and Microsoft’s COM
Software Agents: persistence , autonomy, social ability, reactivity.

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