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January 18, 2009

Thankfully when I started this year I had set myself one goal to remember related to SY – and today when I look back after two weeks – only two weeks? since the new year started – I feel this year is going to be a slow long and painful process.

What are alternatives to things you cannot provide to a set of desires of yourself or of those near ones around you – that expect more? There are none. So what does one contemplate to do?

One stupid silly way out is to get out existence. If I do not exist -neither do my problems and any desires around of those whom you know. But there are no easy ways of suddenly dying out.  Death is not a round the shop commodity to be consumed when you are tired of the staggering expectations that bully you.  Though earnestly, it sounds a quick easy way out  😉  – yet – there are other healers that around the corner if there is someone wise around you to make you see.

I have this big bundle of wisdom book in my head and I can see the emotional upheaval pulsating – and no the words do not come to rescue  – at this time -…. they do not. Faith does.

Faith is the answer to the pain. Faith is the answer to the alternative called death.

And it is the only way to a sane, peaceful and harmonious living.


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