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August 31, 2009

When I had started off this year I was quite hopeful of bringing a lot of change in myself.

But things were quite averse – specifically the hostility of expectations around and my withdrawal symptoms really caused a bottleneck. Its not easy to pen that down – but you can say the clogging of emotion in the left – parasympathetic system really slows oneself down. To be an “Active DO-ER” you need to have very very strong left side/aka/EQ.

That made me come across books like : Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman called Emotional Intelligence and Trauma , The body and transformation by Kim Etherington. I have refrained from reading these books as of now though I believe that there would be lots to learn because – I am starting to realize that although there is a “partial knowing” after reading books but the complete knowledge is learnt when the implementation is passed through the system.

And words and implementation are very far away – especially when it comes to handling emotions and behavioral changes –  unless words are accompanied with another force of change.

So, coming back to change required, so I became more and more aware of the stagnation that is existing and to counter attack that I started penning down everything I learnt each day –  so that when I sit back to question myself – what progress has been made – at least I have something to answer and look to.  Even if it is a snail like progress :).

And after thinking a lot on about non resolvable events – I concluded that by every logic they remain in the state they are – and illogically the decisions can be changed by maybe the forces of chance.

And the death like attention is lifted from her face,
to show the morning light of awakening and sweetness….

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