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Spring and DDD

May 3, 2010

I was just starting with this chapter when I decided to look for the layout libraries and then came to the point to see how people are starting with spring development in general.

So came across this site and discovered one set of way of going ahead with it. Looked up the usage of Spring Roo – for code generation. Good to go for it – but to know details can skip it as well.

Then searched for how Spring 3.0 assists in DDD with the help of stereotype or marker interface named @Component, @Repository etc. Need to understand the usage of component scan in it. Other articles talked of DDD with spring,hibernate.

Book on expert mvc with spring was found – to be integrated – but old version. Anyways will go through it once. Testing also needs to be evaluated. So the sequence of tasks is as follows:

1. Go with JSP/JSTL for UI – later can check for freemarker template and spring ui tags.
2. Read DDD
3. 2 books reviewed – aop with spring/ and / enterprise app with spring
4. Running simple java demo / examples from SRecipe book.

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