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May 13, 2010

Apache Jmeter can be used to test for not only http but also ftp,ldap,jdbc,mail server. Each of these are called “samplers”.

These systems can be tested for and can have default configurations defined.(“Configuration Element”)

Controllers determine the sequence of execution of the test case – thread group determines the total users and ramp up time where as the Constant Timer adds delay in sending of next load.

  1. Configuration elements
  2. Pre-Processors
  3. Timers
  4. Sampler
  5. Post-Processors (unless SampleResult is null)
  6. Assertions (unless SampleResult is null)
  7. Listeners (unless SampleResult is null)

Controllers are used to group based on logic( if.while, loop) or interleaving -one inside group second outside and then looping. So sequencing of execution is done by controllers. And then we can place the pre,post processors and the assertions inside each controller.

Data can be uploaded using the CSV data uploader.  Monitoring of server can also take place, along with results retrieved in csv / graphic format.

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