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jboss perf

July 8, 2010

mii-tool or ethtool commands (you must be root to run either
command) to set the speed of the network card on most Linux distributions. The discussion
that follows assumes you’re using the mii-tool command.

processor affinity taskset –p 0x0f 9999
[ to restrict access to similar process cache – since if the thread moves execution to a different processor
the data needs to be reloaded from RAM and using from process cache is faster than reloading from RAM] so
restrict processor usage to 4 (physical processors ) or 8 logical (if core duo).

–client and –server command line arguments. The differences between the two are mostly in how they handle
compiling Java bytecode into native machine code and how they manage the heap.
The client virtual machine is intended for short-running programs, and the server virtual machine is
intended for longer-unning programs.

1. More in the Jboss in Action book: Heap Usage – GC concepts
2. Jboss web server – valve, engine , connector details.
3. Web services (both books)
4, security 2 chapters in jboss in action (ssl,keytool details)

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