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Problems and health

July 27, 2010

Health of mind, body and soul produces happiness is desired for.

Will the problems of the world get solved by : working more? NO

how will the problem of health of our society be solved.

Our societies are sick and so are our minds and bodies. Its not cleanliness outside – its inside thats getting messed up.We need to heal inside and need to clean the minds outside – with special powers.

But first we ourselves have to achieve the solution by becoming pure and peaceful within . No , please no religion theories – but practical existence – of this as real as senses and as real as life and death. that is a science in itself.

Search for darkness in google ? The darkness inside cant be defined in words – and it is this very entity that needs to be driven with the power of holy light and self enlightenment. I mean no book in the world library has this truth written – that which you seek – because the entity that we seek cannot be penned down.

And that knowledge is moving inside the holy saints – and the holy men. Its not in the books. It’s inside us and we need to create it with the guidance of the holy  powers.

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