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Start stop web application on jboss – twiddle script

August 25, 2010
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To use
./ userName Password applicationName start
./ userName Password applicationName stop

You can also take in the parameter -h and -p host and port if machines are different.

#To start / stop a specific application in jboss
#set -x

if test $# -lt 4
      echo "Please enter the user,password,application war name and the start/stop op"
      app=$(./  -u $1 -p $2 query jboss.web.deployment:* | grep $3)

      app=`echo $app |  sed 's/r//g'`
      #app=`echo $app`

      doop=$(./ -u $1 -p $2 invoke $app $4)

      caps=`echo $4| tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'`
      echo "** Application named : $3 , status now is: $caps"
      echo -e "n"
      if [ $4 == "start" ]
         status=$(./ -u $1 -p $2 get $app)
         echo $status

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