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Database structure

March 17, 2011

So we studied that database structure and one of the fields that was interesting was the many to one linkage of employee with managers that was updated. Another was that the rating model was removed and restricted to the simple values. Also the initiative was defined as a central point to the survey taken. Like a record of a specific survey.

Restricting myself to the existing old database structure I used the Jboss Hibernate tools to recreate the POJO’s out of the tables. It creates one hbm file per table per class.

JPA on the other hand creates all the class references in the persistence.xml file only. Does not go for individual xml files.All settings done through annotations in the classes themselves. In one way it’s clean but again need to refer to both xml/java files always…

Restricting myself to Hibernate to start with. Question is – all the java files named after tables created in one folder with hbm files – is there a way to push them to their own structure of packaging – how do reverse engineering customization takes place? – Going through that now.

Thereafter need to do a simple login with user. And show user specific data from employee table. Edit Profile. And Save. Logout.




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