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Travelling and expenses

October 3, 2011

For an ordinary person who has not experienced the ways to handle shooting expenses and losses of travelling – the first experience comes like a strange unknown shock after which the realization to be pro-active is dawned upon him.

These were my learning for the packing/shifting/selling/buying that was involved during relocation.

1. Buy stuff that has good resale price.

2. Advertise much in advance (1 month to 1.5 month before)

3.  Do not buy a coupe/ 2 door / other style cars that make it difficult for families to go for such products.

4. Know if you are staying in an area where there is a high inflow/outflow of people. High flux creates demand for goods.

5. If you have a cell connection – know the policies for keeping such a connection alive for one year. Know the tariffs that need to be paid each month for it.

6. Do not buy overly expensive things if you plan to be on move each time.

7.  Study trends for resale. What is the price of resale at which most people are buying? At what price must you buy things so that depreciation is low?.

8. Always know the cost of buying with respect to rental . Is rental for X months greater than or less than buying the product with depreciation cost?.

9. car – cost to maintain – so make sure you get it verified from a mechanic shop beforehand. do the homework correctly first.

10. Buy products which are well in use in market which are branded and have replacement/servicing available.






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