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Android Development Notes – Part I

May 7, 2012

.class is actually – converted to .dex
ics as a platform – system images etc are in platform tools. – these tools can change per platform.
tools for testing static analysis of code, testing

content provider – gives layer of abstraction – and to talk to it – I need to use content resolver.
broadcast recvrs are only for system events
you don’t launch the next activity – you raise an intent to launch the next activity

logcat – OS – every application can log to that – logcat. size limit – 1mb – rolling log.
most apps – mantain their own specific log.
export it into file.

monkey for testing – generates random clicks on your application – stress testing.

xml’s get converted to java files.
res – localiztion,animation
android manifest .xml file

assets – hardcoded – static files – conditional features on. static.
res – images etc. xml configuration.

importing of db. preloaded db . sql-lite db can be put assets folders.

fonts = small medium low hight xh – xtra large.
values = all the string that

activity, services and broardcaster – respond to intents.
intent filters defines when this activity needs to respond – to what intent it should respond.

multiple activities can receive the same intent – because they are having that intent filter.
and then they get launched. but of course it will put load on system.

but since one activity if it publishes and intent – it has no way to centerally control multiple service execution.
only service one will have to fire – end of service one – and service two will then get launched…
so cannot define sequential execution of activities.

sql lite open helper

+ explicit intent = class name there , plus context defined
+ implicit content = android OS decides which class needs to be called based on the intent-filter

Tag – passed between Views. setTag and getTag. Primitive types used with Tag. Passing INFOR.

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