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JSR 168 Notes

Portlet lifecycle
processAction and destroy.

In init, resource access , startup.

If exception in creation portlet then destroy method is not called and PorletException is thrown.

Porlet: processAction, render request, action request

An action request = 1 action request and many render request, one portlet
A render request = many render request,

If -> caching is enabled for the portlets the render request may or may not be invoked.

processAction takes ActionRequest, ActionResponse
ActionRequest: parameters ,window state,  portlet mode, portal context, portlet session, porlet preferences data.

render takes RenderRequest, RenderResponse
porlet can delegate the generation of contents to – jsp or servlet.
GenericPortlet – render method calls doDispatch
which in turn calls following methods:
depending on the state of the portlet.

If minimized state – then none of above methods called.

Different threads for same portlet.
So need to be able to handle concurrent execution of processAction and render methods.




Portlet Config – gives access to, PorletContext and resource bundles.
– getInitParameters.

Porlet Resource Bundle.

(A) Portlet information : defined inline in the deployment descriptor. Portlet container must create a ResourceBundle and populate it, with  the inline values:

  <title>Stock Quote Portlet</title>
  <keywords>finance,stock market</keywords>
(B) If the resources are defined in a resource bundle, the portlet must  provide the name of the resource bundle.
Eg: <resource-bundle></resource-bundle>

**** render method of GenericPortlet uses ResourceBundle of PortletConfig to get the portlet information.


PortletURL interface –

Portal creates objects of PortletURL using the class 

    — Its functions  createActionURL and createRenderURL are used. 

CRITICAL : Not use HTTP GET method:
Because some portal/portlet-containers implementations may encode internal state as part of the URL query string, portlet developers should not code forms using the HTTP GET method.


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